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Green Procurement

The KURODA group conducts its corporate activities under the basic philosophy of actively and continuously working on environmental conservation as one of the most important issues in management to help prevent the earth’s environment from worsening. The policy for this activity includes the following two points:

  • Provide products with low environmental load
  • Keep low the environmental load generated by corporate activities

To this end, we need our activities during the lifecycle of our products, from design to material procurement, manufacturing, and distribution to use and disposal at the customers’ to be environment-minded from the below-mentioned viewpoints. However, for our Green Procurement activity to bear fruit, we need the cooperation of our business partners who supply us with products, parts, and/or materials.

  • Prevention of pollution by environmentally hazardous substances
  • Highly efficient use of energy
  • Effective use of resources
  • Reduction of environmental load required to dispose of the product
  • Reduction of environmental load by using material with low environmental load

Based on the above-described background, we established the ”KURODA Group Green Procurement Standards”. Based on these standards, the KURODA group intends to actively expand environmental conservation activities through business partnerships.

For more information on the KURODA group green procurement activities and latest version of the ”Green Procurement Standards” and the like, please contact us as per below.

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