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Environmental Initiatives

The KURODA group, consisting of KURODA Precision Industries Ltd. and its affiliated companies, as a responsible corporate citizen, works on environmental issues by placing environmental conservation as one of the most important issues in management. At the KURODA group, we aim at not only saving resources and energy and reduce waste in our corporate activities, but also reducing the environmental load of the products we provide to our customers.

Environmental Philosophy

Based on our P&P (Precision & Productivity) corporate philosophy, the KURODA group will actively and continuously work on environmental conservation as one of the most important issues in management, protecting the rich nature and taking care of the valuable resources through our corporate activities.

Basic Policy

  1. 1.We do not only establish this Environmental Policy, but also continuously improve our management of the environment.
  2. 2.To provide products with low environmental load, we will consider the impact on the environment of each process of our corporate activities, from product planning to design, manufacturing, distribution, sales, and use to disposal.
  3. 3.In addition to abiding by laws and regulations and regional requirements regarding the environment, we will do our utmost to prevent environmental pollution and continuously lower environmental load as well as to conserve the environment effectively by developing necessary technologies.
  4. 4.Recognize that we conduct business by using earth’s finite resources and actively work on ”saving energy and resources” and ”reducing waste” to curve global warming and to pass on valuable natural resources to future generations.
  5. 5.Spread the Environmental Policy and importance of the conservation of earth’s environment through environmental education to all personnel, in-house information activities, as well as promote activities about environmental conservation awareness.
  6. 6.Set a purpose and objective to fulfil the Environmental Policy to act systematically, in addition to periodically reviewing the activities for continual improvement.
  7. 7.Make this Environmental Policy available to the general public.

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