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Compliance Policy

KURODA’s corporate mission is ”to support the advancement of industry all over the world through developing precision technologies”. To fulfil that mission, KURODA is committed to act based on the following Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Corporate Behaviour.

Code of Conduct

  1. 1.Conduct business with all customers in a fair way, and provide high-quality products and services based on superior technology to win customers’ trust, satisfaction, and support.
  2. 2.Provide valuable true information to customers, as well as build a fair business relationship with all partners, and conduct business with integrity.
  3. 3.Provide appropriate information in a timely manner to shareholders to win their understanding and support, as well as run the company ethically, with responsibility and integrity by always keeping the best interest of shareholders in mind.
  4. 4.Pursue long-term and continued growth in corporate value, and aim for an attractive company.
  5. 5.As a member of society, act with self-awareness, while as a businessperson, aim for becoming a professional of the profession.
  6. 6.Manage company assets appropriately, regardless of whether they are tangible or intangible.
  7. 7.Establish and maintain highly transparent, sound and normal relationships to not bring about suspicion and distrust from society.
  8. 8.Work on environmental issues seriously, by recognizing that environmental conservation is key to company survival, and at the same time work to win society’s understanding for the company’s business.
  9. 9.Respect their spirit and abide by the applicable laws and regulations as well as company rules and regulations.

Guidelines for Corporate Behaviour

  1. 1.Respond honestly to customers
    Deliver trust and satisfaction to customers by providing correct information on products and the like, and listening to customers’ ”voice”.
  2. 2.Comply with the quality safety standards
    Provide to customers the most suitable product, designed by paying attention to safety measures and manufactured under strict quality control.
  3. 3.Corporate entertainment and gift-giving with moderation
    Do not receive or provide excessive entertainment and/or gifts.
  4. 4.Rejection of involvement with antisocial forces and trouble response
    Strongly oppose and reject any involvement with antisocial forces and organizations that threatens the social order and safety. Furthermore, reject any act that may nurture such activities. Should a trouble or the like occur, stand up against it on a company-wide basis.
  5. 5.Adequate information disclosure and document and information management
    Aim to disclose adequate information about the company’s financial conditions and company activities in general in a timely manner to shareholders, customers, and/or public in general to win their understanding, and manage documents and information appropriately.
  6. 6.Prohibit insider trading
    Abide by the company rules regarding insider trading and not perform insider trading or any stock transaction that may raise such suspicion.
  7. 7.Protect the company assets
    Recognize that the company assets are the source of the company’s value and manage carefully to not damage them.
  8. 8.Duty of confidentiality and importance of intellectual property
    Securely manage confidential information and the like to not leak it out without a legitimate reason. Furthermore, stress the importance and respect the intellectual property rights on technical information, patents, trade secrets, and so on.
  9. 9.Thorough management of credits and loans
    Manage credits and loans to business partners thoroughly to not reduce the business activity results unnecessarily.
  10. 10.Separation of company and personal interests
    Clearly separate the position as the company’s personnel from the position as a private individual to not bring personal interests to the workplace, or bring the position as the company’s personnel out of the workplace.
  11. 11.Respect for human rights
    Respect human rights and not discriminate based on gender, age, birthplace, nationality, race, ethnicity, belief, religion, illness, or disabilities, etc., and aim to maintain a workplace free of discrimination and harassment.
  12. 12.Prohibition of harassment
    Prohibit all forms of harassment to achieve a sound workplace.
  13. 13.Privacy protection
    Protect the privacy of each individual as much as possible and not infringe it without due cause.
  14. 14.Contribute to society
    As a responsible corporate citizen, KURODA will strive to better society. Each one of us in the company will think by himself/herself and strive to contribute to society.
  15. 15.Respond to accidents and troubles promptly
    If by any chance an accident or trouble related to a provided product or service occurs, respond promptly to limit the damage as much as possible.
  16. 16.Fair competition
    Sell and purchase products and/or services through fair and open competition, and not pursue benefits through unfair methods and/or shady acts.
  17. 17.Act as an international company
    In foreign countries, respect the culture, laws and regulations, and customs of the place, and aim to contribute to its growth.
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