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Ball Screws Top C-Grease
Clean grease for ball screw
The superb quality of C-GREASE meets the need for cleanliness in the environment of actuators used in semiconductor manufacturing machines and related parts. KURODA "C-GREASE" features cleanliness, stable torque characteristics, and high lubbricating performance to compare with usual fluorine grease. It can be used by directly filling in any grease gun on hand.
For more information on the grease gun, contact KURODA
Stable torque characteristics
High lubricating performance
Rust preventive performance equivalent to that of lithium grease
C1-080G-J (Contents:80g in bellows type container)
C1-400G-J (Contents:400g in bellows type container)
Can (50cc, 1kg)
Main Properties
Appearance: Yellow white
Thickening agent: Ureic
Base oil: Composition oil
Consistency: 280 (No.2)
Operating temperature range: -30~+150°C
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